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Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Before I moved to this house that we live in now we moved house on average every 3 or 4 years.  I never had a problem packing for the moves.  We've lived here for 20 years so I've not had to think about what I have stored away.  A couple of years ago we cleared the loft space because I was worried about all the junk that was stored up there.  Most of it was junk and got thrown away.  It's the same in my craft room, I've had two de-cluttering sessions lately and still need to get rid of more.

When we first moved here we built a 'temporary' fitted wardrobe in our bedroom.  Well, that 'temporary' lasted a long time!!!  Yesterday we started to clear everything out of the bedroom ready to have a professionally fitted bedroom.  It's going to look great, can't wait for it to be done.  But - I feel really depressed about the amount of junk I've kept over the years.  I sorted all the clothes out and have quite a few things to take to the charity shop, this was the easy bit.  When I look at the amount of clothes that were in there it was a tiny fraction of what filled the space.  My sitting room is absolutely full of stuff.  I can't believe how depressed I feel about it.  When did I turn into a hoarder?  Why did I turn into a hoarder?  What happened in my life to make me change so much?  I have put a lot of things to one side ready for the charity shop and there are a few things that I've thrown away.  When it comes to putting everything back into my new bedroom I intend to only put back what I know will be used/worn.  I am no longer going keep anything unless I actually use it.  This will be tough, but why will it be tough?  I hate being cluttered so what part of me won't let things go?

Phew - that really got all this off my chest (I often wonder about that expression).  I'm ready for the next session in there, still got the chests of drawers to go through!


Anonymous said...

It is liberating to throw stuff out and pass stuff on that we no longer use...I think a lot of us have the hoarder virus lurking in the background of our psyche waiting to pounce out and bury us in STUFF. Sometimes I yearn for all the things I've passed on to be back in my life so I could look at each one and put it back in it's place...if I did have it all back I wouldn't be able to move around in my little apartment...*smile*

Gillie said...

Hey, you are doing it, that's what matters! Don't look back, Ann, just enjoy the space and the built in wardrobe. I'm back in Michigan packing up the house and we are expecting " the blizzard of the century" tomorrow!

Just so you know I'm coming over for soup as well as cake, lol! Very therapeutic making soup, not to mention frugal!

Sweet Homestead Alabama said...

Oh, I can relate, Ann. We've recently been cleaning out closets and drawers and nooks and corners where "stuff" seems to accumulate. Anything we don't use or need anymore goes to charity or to the trash. It's embarassing to realize I'd accumulated so much JUNK! Truckloads of it. Seriously. I've finally quit shopping for things I don't need. Very eye-opening, this decluttering.