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Monday, 26 July 2010


I'm not doing very well keeping up with my blog am I, life just feels a bit strange at the moment.
I've been trying to get on with some crafting and came up with this little embroidery
It's similar to several others I've done in the past, not sure yet what I'll do with it.
Also, I made up a cushion cover with a cross-stitch that Graham did

I think I've mentioned before that Graham does cross-stitching - who'd think a big, strong fellow like Graham could make something so delicate!
We went to Norfolk for a few days and went on the Wells to Walsingham Light Railway.  Here's the little engine that pulled the carriages

It was a fun, if bumpy, half hour ride!  If you want to read about it here's the web page.  We had a good look around Walsingham  which is famous for being a place of pilgrimage.  While I was there I bought some little religious medals, one of them was St Clare and when I looked up what she was the patron saint of I discovered that, amongst other things, she is the patron saint of embroiderers and needleworkers.

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nic @ nipitinthebud said...

your embroidery is really lovely - will your vegetable garden be featuring in future creations?