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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Lovely Lavender

Peggy sent me some sachets filled with lavender that she had grown and dried herself.  The perfume from them is gorgeous, in fact you could smell them downstairs as I was in my craft room working on making bags for them this morning.  I decided to make them using some of my lace stash.  For a weird reason I was having trouble getting myself to use the lace I'd got and which I've had for years!  Anyway, rather than leave my stash to someone in my will (when whoever I left it to would probably throw most of it away!) I have at last given myself permission to use what I've got in any way I please, it's a very liberating thought.

While I was writing my last blog entry Graham came to see what I was doing.  He remarked that my pictures would look much better if the background wasn't my green cutting mat.  Yes, I already knew this but, being more practical then artistic, it just seemed a convenient place for my photo shoots.  I will try to be a bit more arty in future but I can't promise anything, I'll probably be too impatient to get the picture taken and go back to my cutting mat background!

I seem to have got quite a bit made lately.  That's because I've been using my sewing machine to make things.  I love using my sewing machine, I'm on my third machine since 1969.  The one I've got now is a Pfaff quilt expression 2046.  I still have panic attacks over how much it cost.

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Peggy said...

Hi Ann, I knew you would make something beautiful for the sachets and I am not disappointed!They look great, you should try growing and drying some lavender yourself it is so easy!It would give you an extra for your craft stall.