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Friday, 12 June 2009

Additions to the Sewing Tin

When I'm making something for myself I always get the feeling that I 'should' be doing something else. I don't know why and I'd love to find out what makes me think like this, it always spoils the enjoyment I want to feel. Enough whinging!!! I am enjoying making these little items for the sewing tin, they are probably totally useless because they are so small but I think they look very pretty.


Peggy said...

Hi Ann, your sewing tin is filling up nicely, I am sure you don't make anything that is useless they are so pretty and would beg to be taken out and used.

Berit said...

I just LOVE that key charm! And also, the gathered fabric looks so great with that button!!

You are worth it; you deserve to make nice things for yourself!

Nyperosa said...


"This is sweet as candy" : )
You have to visit my blog
for I have also make
uselless and a small item : )

I will like to make
slippers to you. You have
send me gifts, now its my
turn : )

Choose size:
Small 34 - 36
Medium 36 - 39
Large 39 - 41
I hope they are finish
before summertime is over : )

Au revoir.