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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Crazy Quilting

I'm putting together the packages ready to send to my cq swap partners and decided I must get a picture of the bunches of grapes I'd put on one of the blocks. I've never done cq before and found it quite a struggle deciding what embroidery I should do on the blocks. I've tried to cover each seam with stitching and was left with this short seam so decided to try using beads. The grapes turned out quite realistic I think! So, I will be doing them again on something for myself.


Peggy said...

The combination of colours visible in the photo look rich and gorgeous the grapes are an added dimension!

Anonymous said...

You did a wonderful job! I'm going to back track in your posts and see if I can see other seams you did.

melissa sews said...

Amazing! The grapes did turn out quite realistic. Definitely worth doing again. I've been thinking about taking up quilting myself... just seems difficult to squeeze in a new craft these days!