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Wednesday, 3 September 2008


I've made three of this style of scissor case recently. I used to make the v shaped type until I saw this style on several stitching sites.
Making the scissor cases made me look through my scissor 'collection'. I think I've been unconsciously collecting scissors! I remember when I was a girl at home, we had one pair of scissors and they were useless for cutting anything, they were not sharp and they were loose. I wonder if this is the reason I have a pair of good scissors for every occasion??? Also several pairs of scissors that I just think are pretty. The ones shown here are all sewing related, I have lots more for my paper crafts too.


Lelia said...

Hi Ann: A stitcher can NEVER have too many pairs of scissors : ) LOL

Seems we have learned to have a good selection for every use --

Like our 'workbench' of gadgets : ) enjoy the day

Mom2fur said...

I really do need to make some scissor cases like you do. Maybe then I'd stop losing the darn things, LOL!
I'm glad you like my magazine 'cover' featuring Shadow. He really is a nice dog--the vet says he's more like a labrador than a chihuahua.

annie's abode said...

i enjoy making the little scissor fobs and have lots of different scissors for different crafts BUT for the household there is one pair only which would not cut butter!

Cottage45 said...

I can relate to the scissor collecting. I don't think you can have too many pairs of scissors.

Nyperosa said...

Hello Ann,

this is fun : )
I have just make a small
"pillow" for my small
scissor, I only have one,
so then I have to find it !
Your scissor case is nice.
Take a look at my blogg.
I found the idea on a
french blogg.

Au revoir : )

Mia said...

Your scissor case is just beautiful. What a clever thing to have, and especially such a lovely one. And I do admire your scissor collection... I seem to be quite the opposite... I do not have enough of them and am constantly looking for the few I do have.