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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Nail Varnish, Eyeliner, Eyebrow Definer, Lipstick

When I was in Wilkinson's I noticed a range of cosmetics I'd not seen before.  I did want some nail varnish so I had a good browse through this Essence range.  Well, the prices are perfect when you are on a budget.  First I bought two bottles of nail varnish...
This one is called Go Bold, it has a very fine glitter to it, it feels smooth when on, the glitter stays within the varnish.  I wanted something that looked beige and one coat of this was the look I was after.

This is called Be Berry Now!.  I love this colour, it has quite a high gloss and one coat looks good, plenty of colour.  I did put two coats on one nail just to see how it looked - very nice.

This nail varnish is only £1.50 a bottle so I decided to have another look at the Essence rack next time I was in Wilkinson's.

I've never used an unnatural nail colour before, you see all sorts of coloured nails these days so I thought it was time I gave it a try.  Haven't used this one yet, it's called Let's Get Lost.  Where they get these names from I don't know!

Next I thought I'd buy a new eyeliner pencil.  I did buy one the first time I looked at their rack but forgot to take a picture of it.  It was supposed to be grey but went on silver, I didn't like it so will probably blend it with another colour or something - or maybe not!

I thought this one was a good idea, brown at one end and blond at the other, it's called Toffee & Sweets.  Only £1.50.

I bought an eyeliner brush to blend my eyeliner with, it has a nice wedge shaped brush, again £1.50.

My eyebrows these days are almost nonexistent so when I saw this I had to have it...

I thought it was just a brush but it is a pencil too.
I tried this out and it works great, I've got eyebrows again!  Again, only £1.50.

Then I saw that they do some longlasting lipstick, had to try that...

I've tried both of them, they do last longer than ordinary lipstick, even after eating and drinking there was still some colour on my lips.  They don't last as long as the Maybelline longlasting lipstick or the Maxfactor one but there is a better choice of colours and do last well, it means I can have a change.  These cost £2.30

So for less than £15 I got quite a lot of things.  It's years since I bothered about makeup and nail varnish or even clothes come to that!  Must be getting vain in my old age.  Still, it's better than walking round looking like a scruffy old hag.  Unless that is the look you are going for!  I do wish I had someone nearby who is also interested in this sort of thing, it would be great to compare notes and go shopping with in real life.

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Peggy said...

Hi Ann, I have tried the Essence products as they are also available here in the chemists. I found their foundation excellent and of course the nail varnish, I don't use it very often and their prices range is great as paying €4 and €5 for something seldom worn was a rip off.