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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Fashionable Or Not, Who Cares!!! It's My Style.

I seem to be a bit obsessed with clothes lately.  Not been doing much crafting, can't do any gardening yet so I might as well enjoy my time doing something!

When I do a search for fashion for the older woman I get a bit disappointed that I can't find much on the web.  Then again, we all interpret fashion in different ways.  My style is neat, tidy and suitable for my age.  These ladies dress in a style I would never contemplate and I certainly wouldn't dress like this .

Here are a couple of things I've had for a few years that I like to wear in the summer...

Same tee shirt, different skirt...

Neat and tidy, just ordinary clothes for an ordinary woman.  I couldn't cope with the exhibitionist style.

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Star said...

Lovely style and I'm sure they suit you. I like both skirts and the T-shirt is a very pretty Spring colour, which will take you into summer. I looked at the links and I think that the older women in there look ridiculous! However, it is up to them how they dress and I think they should wear those clothes if they want to. At the end, it's what you feel comfortable in yourself that matters, isn't it.