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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Are Bed Jackets Just For Old Ladies?

I've never taken to wearing a dressing gown, they are just too uncomfortable and bulky for me.  Bed jackets always seemed to be made of some sort of knitted lace and looked very old fashioned.  This winter I realised I needed something to put on first thing in the morning.  I get up at about 6am and like to come straight downstairs for a cup of tea.  So, I decided a bed jacket would be the perfect answer, not bulky like a dressing gown, made from a fine fleece and looks neat...

Just the thing for wearing before my heating comes on in the morning.

Remember I was starting a facial routine a while ago and I mentioned that now I needed to learn how to apply some makeup that would be more suitable than the old way I'd always done it.  Well, I wanted to know how to use eyeliner that didn't look harsh.  This youtube video has helped me a lot.  I tried it and after a bit of trial and error realised that if I used eye shadow on a brush instead of using a pencil to outline my eyes I got a much softer look.  Also, my eyebrows are almost non existent these days and learnt from another video that if I used eyeshadow on a brush and used that to define my eyebrows it gave a very natural look rather than using an eyebrow pencil.

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