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Friday, 12 July 2013

Growing in Pots

It's two years since we got our polytunnel.  Last year was a terrible year for the veg I grew in it.  I think it was a combination of lack of sun, cool temperature and poor soil.  This year I decided that grow bags were the answer.  Each grow bag has two or three plant halos .  So far they are working out great.  They are easy to water and feed.  All the plants are growing really well.  The aubergine and peppers look very healthy, in fact the aubergine is the best one I've ever grown, and even the peas are doing well with lots of pods on them.  Also, it is easy to keep a check on slugs and snails, we have a terrible problem with these but I put plastic sheeting on the soil and placed the grow bags on top, this way I can safely use slug barrier if I want to, not that I have had to so far.
There are a couple of empty spaces in the corners.  Just to fill these in I planted sweet corn in two of them, don't know how they'll do but this year is really just a trial for the grow bags.  Next year I'll put grow bags in these corners too.  Can't you tell I'm pleased!
Next to the polytunnel I have a large raised bed.  This contains cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts.  I have completely covered this bed with netting as I was sick of cabbage white butterflies laying eggs on my brassicas.  Each year my brassica crop has been ruined by the caterpillars.

I managed to squeeze a row of broad beans and a wigwam of runner beans in our flower garden.

So, no lettuce, no beetroot, no carrots this year.  There are quite a few things I have missed planting this year.  After the disappointment of last year's growing and wondering how best to use the polytunnel I was a bit more cautious with what to grow.
Up at the house I have some cherry tomatoes in hanging baskets and a courgette in a big tub.

Notice I now have a water butt here.  Altogether I have three water butts now, very useful they are too.  Two are up near my veg plot, they collect the water from our garage.
My veg growing is more for fun than to be self sufficient though it does mean that some years I've had enough veg and salad to supply me for several months.

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Peggy said...

Hi Ann, you have a huge range of veg between the tunnel and the garden!Little of everything is enough when you are growing for two.The tunnel is a Godsend for winter veg and the tomatoes etc for the summer. I read somewhere that cucumbers do well in the corners as they like humidity not like the tomatoes. I have never gotten the chance to try it as I am always caught for space anyway!