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Friday, 28 October 2011

TATT - Tired All The Time

I hadn't been to the doctor for several years.  Then a couple of weeks ago I got a letter asking me if I would like a routine health check, diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure etc.  Of course I said yes.  I went for the blood tests and saw the nurse a week or so later.  BP was very good 134/81; cholesterol good at 6.1; no diabetes; and weight just right for my height with a normal BMI. 
I had worried that there was something wrong because I struggle to remain below 11 stone, I have terribly dry skin, my hair has got much thinner and, worse of all, I get so exhausted that I have to be careful not to over do it.  Anyway, the nurse suggested I see the doctor, which I did, and she sent me for more blood tests.  I just know that they are all going to come back normal, I'm sure I'm a perfectly healthy person for my age.  I'll let you know for definite after I get the results.
Ok - so if I'm so fit and healthy why do I get so tired.  I know that my back is quite weak and physical activity can make me tired.  I'm quite an anxious person and that can be tiring.  But this tiredness isn't just "Oh, I must sit down for a few minutes" type tiredness, it is more like exhaustion.
Once I know for certain that there is nothing physically wrong, I will be looking into what I can do about it myself, maybe doing something about my anxiety.
If anyone has any advice or a story to relate I'd love to hear about it.


Ann said...

Testing the comments, I changed a setting and want to see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Hello nice to know that we share an interest in doll houses...I had one when small...a fold up metal house with plastic furniture etc...I loved it but have always wanted a wooden one with wood furniture and real looking accessories!

I hope all your tests come back normal...but then of course you're left to wonder what's going on with your so tired body. Perhaps your physician will be able to shed some light on what is happening.

Prayers for you Ann and hope for a less anxious future!


Peggy said...

Hi Ann,I hope you have the results by now and they are all clear.The onset of Winter can often have a detrimental effect on our general well being, if you have pre existing conditions ie; a bad back etc it can be a trying time sitting indoors for long periods.
We did not get a lot of sunshine this year so SAD could also be a factor, maybe a trip to a sunshine isle for a week or two would be good?!