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Friday, 21 October 2011

Still Crocheting

I'm getting a bit more confident with my crochet, here's what I'm doing at the moment...

I've almost finished a second one, they'll make nice little gifts for a couple of my friends too.

On the home front all the usual things have been going on as well as a bit of house maintenance.  We were about to decorate our dining room when I noticed that there seemed to be a stain on the lower quarter of one wall.  So we had to call in a builder to have a look and it was as we suspected - rising damp.  He tested all the downstairs walls and found damp in every wall in the dining room, this included the internal walls, and the outside walls of my sitting room.  He came and injected a damp proofing course and while he was here he had a look at the intermittent damp patch that appears on one of the bedroom chimney breasts every time it rains.  Not that long ago, maybe three or four years ago, we had all the tiles replaced on our roof.  This problem only appeared after we'd had this work done.  The roofer did come and supposedly fix the problem but it still kept happening.  Anyway, this builder said that he could see daylight coming in around where the chimney enters the roof.  To cut a long story short the builder will be fixing this problem for us properly at great expense because it will need scaffolding putting up.  I can't believe how expensive it is to have scaffolding!  When the problem is fixed, and the builder said he will test the work by spraying water on the chimney and coming back to check the work, I will be sending the original roofer a bill for this expense.  I doubt very much that we will get any satisfaction from him though.  But I will be blogging about him if I don't.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann...your crocheted doll is so adorable. Your crochet work is excellent, I'd never get anything that complicated done!

House maintenance is so expensive no matter what and one of the reasons I chose to rent my little apartment! I don't have to mow grass, repair the roof, fix appliances, etc. And so far they've been very good here about getting repairs done. I hope you'll be able to retrieve some of what you paid to the original roofer. I'm thinking I'll see a blog about him soon! :-) Have a peaceful weekend...Theanne

Peggy said...

Hi Ann,your crochet is definitely improving and getting a lot more complicated!
House repairs always happen in winter,dont they?!
We have a system here called the small claims court and your ex-builder would be called to court to pay since it seems he did not properly secure the flashing between chimney and roof tiles.
Not blogging lately and very little gardening due to the the dismal weather we have been having.

Berit said...

What a nightmare! I am not familiar with the jargon "rising damp" but the rest of it I understand well enough!

I hope that this will go well but agree with you that the roofer is not likely to give you your due.