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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A New Dress

No, not for me, for my doll.  This dress is from the Rosemarie Ionker book A Closet Full of Doll Clothes.

Things are still pretty slow around here.  We were away over Christmas and I haven't even downloaded the pictures from my camera.  We were in Yorkshire and my goodness it was cold!  It was so cold it got into my back and made it feel achy for days and felt cold but when I touched it, it was hot.  We had a nice time but wouldn't go away again for Christmas, I much prefer my Christmas day in my own house to in a hotel.


Anonymous said...

The doll dress is lovely, the print material very feminine! You sew so beautifully on small garments...I'd be all thumbs. Christmas Day just seems like it was meant to spent at home. Hope your back is better and not so achy.

Gillie said...

So pretty, Ann, brings back nice memories, my mum was brilliant at sewing for my doll. Know what you mean - we had a travelling Christmas, Michigan, Pittsburgh and Idaho - waiting in Dallas for the plane back to the UK. Happy New Year!

Sweet Homestead Alabama said...

What a pretty dress, Ann! I love the rose floral motif and the little black patent Mary Janes.

I like to travel, too. But like you, I prefer to be home on Christmas Day. Fortunately for us, all of my family lives just around the corner from us (less than 1 mile).

Karen said...

Ann, I just discovered your blog, it's beautiful and the doll clothes are very lovely!