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Sunday, 14 November 2010

New Hobby or Second Childhood?

What woman in her right mind buys herself a doll?  Well, it seems I'm not alone giving in to the temptation to buy a doll to make clothes for.  The doll I chose was a Gotz Precious Day Girl from hereThe American Girl doll, apart from being very expensive, has a rather toothy look that I didn't like, the Gotz doll has a more neutral look to her.  The clothes my doll came in were very well made but too modern.  I want make the more old fashioned style.
The shoes she came in don't go with the look I want, that is something else I'll make.  So, after making this first dress I decided she needed a nightdress...
These patterns are definitely not for the beginner, there is as much work in them as there is in a real person pattern.  But I think they are lovely.  Here's where I got these patterns from.
I'm glad to have this new hobby, after all there are only so many cushion covers that I need, I have enough table cloths, aprons, bags etc and I was running out of things to make.  Making doll clothes should keep me busy for quite a while I think.


Anonymous said...

Understand about wanting a doll when you're a grown woman...if I didn't have a g'daughter I need to do sewing for, I'd get one myself. Yours is quite precious and the clothes you've made are PERFECT!!!

Gillie said...

Gorgeous, I think we all like the idea of dolls even when we are older and wiser, lol!

Have you read my latest post, Ann? You'll need to be getting the kettle on and one of those cakes made, lol!

Sweet Homestead Alabama said...

Impressive sewing! I've always found the smaller garments trickier to sew with those tiny buttons and armholes. I can imagine you shall be busy for as long as you choose to be!