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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Some Sewing, Some Stitching

I must be feeling a bit better because I'm getting more things done.  Grief is a horrible feeling, while it's happening I think to myself "It's something to be got through".  At the time I think the feeling will never go away but it does gradually sort of become 'background noise', then I'll have an hour or so of feeling ok.  I hope for a year of nothing horrible happening, the last few years have been one thing after another and it's dragged me down.

Anyway, here are a couple more sewing/stitching projects I finished this last week.  First is a table runner.  I've stockpiled a ton of cotton fabric while I could afford it, then I've panicked, thinking that I'll never use it all but table runners and aprons are perfect for using up some of my stash.  This table runner is another very quick and easy project
Even with my fab new camera I don't think my photography skills have improved!

For years I've wanted to try free-motion machine embroidery and I intend to give it a serious try this week.  Last week I had a timid go at it and came up with these
A needlecase and pincushion, the flower stems on the left are my first small efforts, the stems are done on my machine then I've added french-knots to the stems.  A good simple starter, no use trying to be too ambitious and putting myself off.

I've also got more aprons planned, one is cut out and waiting to be sewn together.  These aprons seem to have taken over from my obsession with making those handy bags.  I'm also wondering about making pillow cases.  The problem I'm having with starting one of these is the idea of having pillow cases that don't match the rest of my bedding, would it look odd do you think?  Would they make nice gifts or would the recipients not use them if they don't match their bed linen?  I'd love to know what you think about this.  I wonder if square pillow cases would be better, that way ordinary cushion pads could be used and the pillows would be more for decoration on the bed.  That might be a better idea don't you think?


Laurie said...

Yes I think you are right pillow cases that do not match would not be used... pillows for the bed are also a dodgy area unless you know the persons colour scheme as well.
IDEAS ...May be roll or fold up shopping bags may be useful.. if you do an ordinary tote bag ( available on the net )put on a tab .. that when folded up will line up with a press stud ...a bit like an umbrella tie up.if you get what I mean. Happy stitching Laurie

Gillie said...

Hi Ann, glad you are feeling better - it will take time but I'm glad you are seeing a few sunnier patches.

I agree with Laurie re the pillows but lots of beautiful ones for your bed would be lovely! Over here people make pillowcases to send to various charities that use them for children in care to put their belongings into when they are moved, often frequently, from home to home - just a thought.

Laptop bags are something that a bag making friend here is going to try next - they would need a bit of padding but would be much more fun than the ones you can buy!

nic @ nipitinthebud said...

glad you're feeling a little brighter Ann.
Nothing in my house matches so I see no problem with different coloured pillowcases. However if I had one as beautifully and lovingly stitched as yours I wouldn't want to use it for night time when my face is covered in moisturiser. I always take a V pillow with me for long journeys in the car and they only come in plain colours. There'd be a whole new market for you there I'm sure.