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Monday, 13 September 2010

More Sewing

This apron will be a Christmas present for a friend who loves rag dolls.  There is no pocket on this one so it was even quicker to make than the other ones.  The printed dolls on the fabric wouldn't allow for a pocket because of where they were placed so, rather than fiddle about and get on my own nerves, I decided this one was fine without.

While I was in a sewing mood I decided to make these decorations
They have an overlapping envelope style back so that scented stuff (word won't come to mind) can be put into them, maybe cinnamon or something.  I've made quite a few of these hangie decorations, they are fun to make and add to my hand-made Christmas look that I like.  I expect I'll be making more because the fabric I have has lots of these pictures to the yard.


Peggy said...

Hi Ann,I tried to leave a comment on the cake and chutney post a few days ago but kept getting a 'service unavailable' message. I am not sure if it was blogger or my computer because I could not load up photos for a new post myself.Your new sewing ideas are terrific and the Christmas ornaments are cute, you are never at a loss for ideas!

mangocheeks said...

The apron is really cute. I have no doubt your friend will adore it.