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Saturday, 8 August 2009


The past month is one I do not wish to repeat. My DH should have been in hospital for four or five days and he ended up there for three weeks. His operation was completely successful, it was the illnesses he developed while he was in there that caused the problem! But he's home now and progressing well. So, apart from the extra duties caring for an invalid entails I am now able to get back to a bit of crafting. The fabric in the picture is 'Rachael by Sentimental Studios for Moda'. I love this fabric and have had it for two or three years, it's taken me until this year to actually use it! So far I've only made the two sewing rolls you see here. Now that I've come to terms with the fact that I'll never be an ace quilt maker I'm enjoying making these small items (as you probably guess from my other pictures!).


Peggy said...

Hi Ann, I knew you were very quiet for a long while, I hope Hubby is now on the mend.Your small items are beautiful and so intricate not many people would have the patience to even attempt them!

melissa sews said...

I'm so glad to hear from you! I hope your husband is doing well now. I know firsthand how difficult it is to care for someone in poor health. My husband had major back surgery last fall, and it was one of the most difficult times I've ever faced. Working, caring for my kids, and him almost did me in! But he's doing better now. Love, love, love the fabric!

Berit said...

So very glad to hear he is home!

Don't worry that you are not a "giant quilt maker"--I think small things have more loveliness and charm, personally!