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Sunday, 19 July 2009

Swaps and Things

Shown here are some swaps I received for a sewing container swap and the square box and two jars are what I made. This sewing container swap was great fun and my fellow swappers sent me some lovely things. I've got them displayed in my bedroom and enjoy just looking at them each day. Oh, and the floss ring tag at the front left was from another exchange I was in but it goes nicely with the other things shown here. I won't be doing any more swaps for a while, my DH is still in hospital recovering from surgery and being a bad patient as I predicted. I hope he will be home by the middle of this week and I expect most of my time will be taken up for a while. I'm still doing some crafting but it will be stuff that doesn't take a lot of concentration. Here's another hanging bag I made, this one is from flannel fabric.

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Peggy said...

Hi Ann, all of your items look so Victorian or vintage when all seen together, a lovely display to have lined up. I hope your DH is up and about soon.Relying on public transport to get from A to B is not easy, especially on cold wet days when the bus fogs up and I always get someone sitting next to me who wants to tell me their life story!