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Monday, 6 October 2008


This is a terrible picture, I took it before I realised that if I used the macro setting on my camera I got a much clearer picture. Also there is an area in my kitchen that has just the perfect light for taking this type of picture, my craft room lighting is completely wrong because of the glare. The items here were for a swap I did ages ago; a needle case, thimble keeper and coaster. I have very few pictures of the swaps I've sent. The reason for this is that I hate packing up swaps, I find it stressful for some reason. Plus I'm never sure if what I'm sending is good enough or if I'm sending enough. Most of the swaps I do are with people in the USA and I don't want to give the impression that people from the UK are mean or that our workmanship is poor. To send anything heavy is too expensive, then there are all the regulations about what can be sent. I must take pictures in future then I'll have a record of what I've sent.

1 comment:

Nyperosa said...

Hello : )

It dosent matter that
your picture is no good,
but I can not see what
it is ?
Well, I`ve got a needle case ; )
Thimble keeper...
Coaster for warm pot (?)
It`s looks fine.

Your cards is beatiful too.

Au revoir : )