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Monday, 11 August 2008

Sewing Machines

One of the first things I bought myself after I got married was a sewing machine. Since I was 13, when I used an old manual Singer machine that belonged to my mother's aunt, I've just had to have a sewing machine. I never used to do any hand stitching (apart from hems on clothes). In those far off days I just made clothes. Gradually my interests changed and I started making soft furnishings and more recently useful items like these pictured below.
I've lost count of the number of tote bags I've made, lots of them I've given away as gifts. This is my favourite style of tote. The handles go all the way underneath the bag so make it strong.

Last year I started making linings for baskets, I suppose really it was a way of using up some of my huge stash of fabric but I really like the look of these lined baskets.


Nyperosa said...

Hello : )

I have also a sewing
maskin, but it is not
so often in use...
But now I have seen so
many nice things ( as bag )
on the blogs, so I allready
buyed a lot of fabric.

Au revoir.

I transelate your text on "google.transelate", you can
do the same, from norvegian
to english

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

I cannot sew at all!!! I so wish I could!

M ^..^

Nyperosa said...

Hello again,

I have a adward
for you : )

And I wish you a nice weekend.