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Monday, 30 May 2016

Vegetable Progress So Far

Feeling a bit fed up that the weather is still cold, today there is a cold wind from the north.  I have started to put some things outside...

The peas and courgettes are doing well.  I'm leaving the peas without any supports, they are in a deep tub so I'm hoping they'll hang over the sides as they get bigger.  The courgettes like it in this spot at the (outside) end of the greenhouse, very pleased with how they are doing, there have been some male flowers on them already.

The salad leaves have been doing great.  I did have to move them to a partly shaded area, too much sun and they wilted.  This mix is chervil, mizuna, parcel and pak choi.  I recognise the chervil and pak choi but not sure of the other two, it all tastes nice though and I've had loads off them.


Laurie from Rotorua said...

Hi Ann ... a long time since I managed to get into blogger .. after all the changes to Google my blog was discontinued by them ... but I found a way in via I don't know how will have to write it down ... lots of water under the bridge in 2 yrs ... moved house and downsized, hope all is well in Notts, I was back last year but time was short one way and another but had a great visit.


Your Salad leaves look interesting Ann. Are they from a mixed packet ? I must try these instead of my usual mix.