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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Another Summer Dress

Another dress from Sainsbury's, £20.  This one is shirred around the sides and back of the bodice so fits very nicely.  The fabric is quite fine and it is lined.  Really pleased I saw this dress, I love red...

To go with it and give me a bit of cover on the shoulders I bought this little cardigan, only £8.  It's 60% cotton and will be just right if I get a bit cool...
The red is quite a near match to the dress.  Maybe I'll team it with my red shoes and bag, if that looks too much red, my black shoes and bag will also go nicely.

The dress is a size 12 and the cardigan is a size 16.  I tried the 14 cardigan but it was a bit tight across the back.  I never trust sizings!

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