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Monday, 25 February 2013

Crazy Quilting

The Yahoo group I belong to has started doing a Stitch-Along (sal).  The first month was a pincushion and scissor fob.  The second month was a crazy quilting heart...
I've had a go at putting a block together before but just couldn't get the hang of it.  This time I succeeded and this heart is the result.


Peggy said...

Hi Ann, I was delighted to see you blogging again !I have just logged on for the first time since Jan; various things happening family related so blogging took a back seat and also I think the problems I have been having with Blogger just put me off even trying.
I love your heart, I have tried them but getting clean lines in the curves and the centre was my biggest problem.

Anonymous said...

so beautiful Ann...delighted you were able to put it together.

hope you and your husband are well.