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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

This & That

I have nothing new to show that I haven't already shown on my blog.  It does tend to get a bit repetitve after a couple of years.

I've deleted my facebook page, don't know why I didn't do that ages ago, I rarely go on it and when I do it is sooo boring.

I prefer to read an online newspaper, which often is not good for my blood pressure (not that I suffer with high blood pressure or anything).  Things in the news get me so irrate.  The latest one is MPs wanting a HUGE pay rise and at the same time expecting new policemen to take a HUGE pay cut.  So, the cost of living goes up and up but the standard of living of the ordinary working man goes down.  How is that fair?  But of course politicians don't understand fair do they.  And another thing - when IDS said he was going to sort out the benefits culture everyone thought he meant the out of work people who were getting more in benefits than the working people could earn.  But of course not, take away child allowance from some, penalise the pensioners by threatening to take away the paltry help they are given.  There are now too many pensioners.  What did they expect?  If you browbeat the population into living a 'healthy' life style they are bound to live longer.  Leave us alone!  Well I could go on but I'd better not, it might not be good for my health.

A recent development is that I have been converted in my opinion of the 'Kindle'.  I swore I wouldn't get one, I do like books.  Well, Graham ordered one for me and my son put tons of books on it.  I admit now that I love it.  I've read more lately than I have for years.  The amount of books I get through can be very expensive and take up lots of storage space at home.  With a Kindle there is free and cheap stuff and it takes up no space.

Due to over indulgence at Christmas I haven't dared do any baking, the weight soon creeps on doesn't it.  Up until about ten years ago I had trouble enjoying food, didn't eat much and lost weight very quickly if I wasn't careful.  Now every chocolate biscuit I eat puts a pound on.  What have I been doing then?  Mostly dolls house miniatures and dolls clothes, a lovely hobby.  Also been walking one day a week, there aren't many weeks when I don't get out and luckily I've always had decent weather on my walks.

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Gillie said...

I agree about Kindle, never thought I would take to it but rarely read a paper book now and some of the free stuff is great!