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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Tunisian Crochet

I'm not doing a very good job at keeping up with this blog.  This is because I'm spending a lot of time making dolls clothes and talking about it here.  That doesn't mean that I'm not doing my other usual things.  The other day I decided to try Tunisian crochet ....
I love how this looks and feels, it is much softer than usual crochet and is more dense, no gaps at all, more like a knitted fabric.  When I bought the hook the lady at the shop said that they had workshops on this technique so will be going if I can.

The polytunnel has been a lot of fun, currently I'm clearing and resowing in there.  Next year I will make sure there is a screen over the doors to keep butterflies (or should that be butterflys?) out, but let in bees and hoverflies.  We have had quite a few caterpillars but not nearly as many as outdoor crops get.  There are a couple of things I wouldn't grow in there again, one is fennel, it didn't really develop the 'bulb' that I expected and got rather tall and woody.  Also, because of the failure with the dwarf French beans, I put in some climbing French beans and they've got much too big.  But overall I love the polytunnel.

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