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Friday, 13 August 2010


It's a long time since I made chutney.  I do tend to go a bit over the top with quantities and Graham gets put off by having so much of one thing.  This year, when I've made jam, I've just made a small quantity so decided that I'd try the same with some chutney.  If you've got a big family and a glut of produce big quantities are fine.  When it's just the two of you it's a bit pointless as things eventually get thrown away.  Today I made four jars of Spiced Rhubarb & Red Wine Chutney.  One jar for our son, one jar for a friend and two jars for us.
Because my rhubarb had done well this year I had about 1 Kilo that I could use in this chutney.  As well as the rhubarb there are three onions; 500 g light brown sugar; 7 g salt; 7 g ground ginger; 25 g ground mixed spice, 7 g mild chili powder and approx half a pint of wine vinegar and quarter of a pint of red wine.  I may have put a bit too much chili powder in it but Graham and Colin like chili so it should be to their taste.  This was all simmered for about two hours until it was thick.  Now it's got to mature for several weeks, in fact my Women's Institute recipe book says it should mature for two to three months.
I used to have really good desk top publishing software but it stopped working on any operating system after 1999 and I had to buy another one but it's not as comprehensive so I had to make up some labels for the jars myself.  I wanted labels that I could tie on because stick-on labels are a nuisance to get off when I want to re-use the jars.  I did search the internet for some printables but I didn't like any of them.  Then of course I had to tart the jars up further with a nice bit of gingham fabric to cover the lids.
All in all, a satisfying day!


nic@nipitinthebud said...

what a lovely aromatic sounding recipe.
I've been thinking the same re. quantities - smaller amounts, more variety. Nothing worse than doing a big batch of a new recipe and not liking it!
Your friend will be chuffed to receive such a lovingly created tasty gift

Peggy said...

Hi Ann, rhubarb seems to be the ingredient of choice for chutney this year, its been a very good year for it all over!
You really pushed the boat out with fancy labels and covers!!
On the subject of removing labels, I find it is almost impossible to remove some commercial labels now. Soaking in warm water used to do the trick but now whatever they use its not coming off easily!

Melissa @ Sweet Homestead Alabama said...

That chutney sounds divine, Ann! I've just been gifted a HUGE box of peaches which I'll be preserving (one way or another) next week. I really do enjoy canning when I have the time (and energy!) Hope all is well for you and Graham. : ) Melissa

Berit said...

lol@ "tarted-up" jars! :D

I do love rhubarb though I almost never get to eat it--also a big fan of Indian cuisine and chutneys--I'll bet this stuff tastes wonderful!