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Monday, 14 July 2008

A Collection of Cards

I've spent some time making cards again. When I first started card making there wasn't much available that could be used for decoration. However, card making has become very popular over the past few years and now you can buy some amazing things and make professional looking cards extremely easily.
I recently bought some software, 'Greetings Card Factory'. Previously I had a Microsoft Home Publisher but it stopped working when I upgraded my computer to XP. Anyway, the new software and the decorative items available in craft shops means card making is now a doddle.

The background on these three cards is all done one my new software and I just added either a fabric flower or one of the new push-out decoupage images. A decoupage card would take me at least a full day when I had to cut out and varnish, now it just takes minutes.

I like to print the backgrounds out on vellum then run it through my Xyron. If the background is too big for my Xyron I use brads to attach it to the card. The brads come in very useful for attaching the fabric flowers to the card.


Nyperosa said...

thanks for the sweet gift : )
Just what I needed ; )
In Norway this is not normal
to use. I have never seen a home-
made needle case before.
I have to smile every thime
I see it. Thanks for the
dolly pegs as well.
I have been to a tent trip
in Norway for to weeks.
Have you ever been to Norway ?

- And I have never seen
postcard like you made,

- Its fun to see new things,
on bloggs...

See you.

jamie in rose cottage said...

Beautiful! I keep saying I'm going to do this myself, but I just haven't yet. Maybe this will inspire me to actually do it now!