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Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Being new to this blogging lark I've just discovered that the comments was disabled, I think I've fixed this - so feel free to leave a comment.
I couldn't post an entry without showing a picture! This little sewing room is displayed inside a little drawer, sometimes it is on display, sometimes it is tucked away in the wooden unit it fits into.


melissa sews said...

Precious little model! What a neat idea... never would have thought to do something like that myself. Great work! I found you through the Big List of Sewing Blogs :)

Nyperosa said...


I like to feel free...

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Au revoir.

Ann said...

nyperosa - looking forward to seeing you new blog, I'll add you to my links too.

Nyperosa said...

Hello Ann,
I had some problem
with my new blog, so
I had to make athother
new one.
Try to visit me now ; )

I`s so sunny in Stavanger,
I`ve "been in the sea"
most of the time...

Au revoir.

Nyperosa said...


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Au revoir ; )