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Saturday, 5 December 2009

Saturday Nights

Our Saturday nights are no different to any other night these days.  Tonight Graham is watching rugby on tv, I'm up in my craft room deciding what to do with myself.  Some evenings I play games on my computer, some evenings I surf around the web.  Tonight I haven't got a decent game to play and I can't decide what I want to look at on the internet.  I have got to decide what to give to some of my local crafting friends for Christmas.  I did think of giving one of the above floss wallets.  These wallets have pockets inside and can be very useful for keeping a little stitching project together.  They are really quick to make, Nita, who organizes the exchange blog I'm a member of has a tutorial on her blog.  These wallets are quite simple but they can be amazingly elaborate like the ones on this blog.  I haven't got the patience to make anything with too much elaborate embroidery on it because my eyes get very blurred after about ten minutes and I have to have a break.  Because of this it would take me ages to do a big project.  So I stick to little embroidery projects.  If you do want to know how to embroider Sharon B has all the embroidery stitches that you will ever need.  


Myra said...

I am doing the same thing tonight. :o) I can't decide whether to make a Christmas Stocking, a Wonder Wallet, or something else.

Nita said...

Hi Ann,
Thanks for the mention! I do love making these little floss wallets, and it gives a good excuse to make some of the sampler patterns freebies all over the web.